Edge-U-CateIf you are a Medical Staff Services or Credentialing Professional (MSP), you already know that your responsibilities are increasing at a time when most corporate budgets are shrinking. The call, as in many healthcare professions, is to 'do more with less.'

The need for quality education has never been greater.

Edge-U-Cate is dedicated to providing useful information which can be applied directly to the workplace. Our products and services are timely, practical, relevant, up-to-date, and affordable.

Edge-U-Cate, LLC is nationally known and well-respected with many years of hands-on experience in the medical staff services and credentialing environment. We stand ready to assist you in obtaining high-quality, affordable, professional education. We offer instructor-led classes, as well as online programs. Many EUC programs are eligible for NAMSS continuing education credits to help participants acquire or maintain national certification.

What our attendees are saying

  • "Awesome! Would like to see again. Very good presentation and presenter."
  • "She is an exceptional, innovative and motivational speaker.
    She really knows what to present to all levels of credentialing institutions. She knows her stuff!!"
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