Edge-U-Cate, LLC

Founded in 2001 by leaders in the field of medical staff services, Edge-U-Cate is committed to providing quality education to healthcare organizations and professionals at affordable prices. The healthcare arena continues to experience rapid growth and constant change. In order for organizations and healthcare professionals to stay abreast of the changes in accreditation standards, industry standards, process improvements and consumer expectations, it is imperative to continuously seek comprehensive educational opportunities.

Our Priority

Edge-U-Cate is dedicated to providing useful and timely information which can be applied directly to the workplace. Our products and services are:

  • practical
  • relevant
  • up-to-date
  • affordable

Who We Are

All of the partners and faculty involved with Edge-U-Cate, LLC are or have been independent healthcare consultants and previously held positions in hospitals, ambulatory care, credentialing verification organizations, and/or health plans.  In addition to their coming together for the common goal of "education" and the creation of "Edge-U-Cate" to meet that common goal, most also continue to operate a separate consulting business to further assist clients and individuals with operational needs and assessments (see "Links and Resources" for additional information). It is from these hands-on consulting experiences, combined with healthcare employment history that they have been able to keep a pulse on the current educational needs of the profession.

The Edge-U-Cate Partners and Faculty

 Cris Mobley

Christine S. Mobley, CPMSM®, CPCS®
Colorado Springs, CO

Current Edge-U-Cate Faculty

 Janet Wilson

Janet L. Wilson, CPMSM®, CPCS®
Director of Medical Staff Services and GME
Phoenix Baptist Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

Current Edge-U-Cate Faculty

 Chris Giles

Christina Giles, MS
Administrative Manager, EUC
Retired Partner
Current Edge-U-Cate Faculty

 Cris Mobley

Sheryl Deutsch, CPCS®
Retired Partner


In Memory of Past Co-Founders

Lynn Buchanan

Lynn Buchanan, CPMSM®, CPCS®

In loving memory of one of our co-founders and general manager for EUC.

Lynn had a passion for education, evidenced by her enthusiasm and dedication to put EUC on the map as a premier educational provider to those primarily in medical staff services and credentialing.  She co-founded the Credentialing School and taught most of its classes She also was an active participant in the Speakers' Bureau, presented webinars, and briefly managed the certification focused study programs.

She will be missed by not only her partners, current and past, but by all those who had the good fortune to know her.

Christine Otto

Christine E. Otto, CPMSM®, CPHQ, CPCS®

Chris was an early educator in our profession as an instructor in the first community college MSS course at Cypress College in southern California. She was also an instructor for NAMSS for many years as well as faculty for the Credentialing BASICS following Lynn's passing. Chris was an early mentor to many in our field and will be missed by all those who knew her, including those active and retired partners of Edge-U-Cate.

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